I love giving talks. They push me to formalize my ideas and give me a chance to meet new people and engage in interesting discussions.  See below for some talks I’ve given recently. If you’d like to reach out about a speaking opportunity, please drop me a line.


The Emerging Discipline of Startup Management

Audience – INSEAD Alumni in Montreal
Summary – Startup managers do it a little differently.

Product Management in Threes 

Audience – Product Managers at Yellow Pages
Summary – What is PM? Who should do it? How is it done?

The Evolution of BI in Early Stage Startups 

Audience – Product people attending Product Tank MTL
Summary – Business Intelligence in startups goes through 4 key stages.

Using the Lean Canvas to Map and Drive your Startup 

Audience – Students in an entrepreneurship class at Queen’s University
Summary – The lean canvas is an awesome tool for guiding your startup.

Product Management for non Product Managers

Audience – Employees at Flatbook
Summary – It’s possible to run product with no PMs, but maybe not advisable.

8 Startup Mistakes to Avoid

Audience – Participants in Founder’s Institute in Montreal
Summary – There’s a bunch of stuff that first time founders screw up.

Building Data Culture

Audience – Participants in Startup Next in Montreal
Summary – First comes data availability, then comes data culture.

Intro to Lean Startup 

Audience – Participants in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program
Summary – What is lean startup all about?

Intro to Southeast Asia Startup Ecosystems

Audience -Participants in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program
Summary – There’s a lot going on with startups in Southeast Asia

Iteration After Problem/Solution Fit

Audience – Participants in Startup Next in Montreal
Summary – Iteration at the seed stage is about product AND marketing.

How to Become a Product Manager

Audience – Participants in Founder Fuel
Summary – What makes a good PM and what paths can lead there.

What is Product Management and Why Should You Care

Audience – Participants in Founder Fuel.
Summary – PMs and startups should both follow Build-Measure-Learn.

Lean Analytics – Bringing Back the Book Report

Audience – Attendees at Singapore Lean Startup Circle
Summary – Lean Analytics was an awesome book.

Electric Tea 

Audience – Attendees at Barcamp SG #6
Summary – Electric Tea was a crazy art project.