isaac_kids I’m an internet product and marketing leader based in Montreal. My current day job is VP of Product at Flatbook.  Previously I spent 2 years in a similar role at Frank and Oak. Prior to arriving in Canada, I spent 6 years in Singapore working at Pollenizer and Yahoo and completing an MBA at INSEAD. I began my career in New York, first with a dot com startup and then at Scholastic building educational technology and games. I’ve also spent a year at the East West Center in Hawaii and a year working and studying in India. I have a BA from Columbia in religion and philosophy. I was born and raised in Amherst, MA.

Professionally, I’m passionate about finding better ways to build, distribute and scale technology products and services. A classic “non-technical product manager”, my strengths are as a communicator, team leader, and problem solver.  I’m especially comfortable dealing with data, shaping product strategy, solving UX and UI problems, and orchestrating product execution. I also love speaking in public and mentoring startups. 

When I’m not working or hanging out with my family, I like to play disc golf and organize cool events. I also love to play tennis, basketball, cycle, be outdoors and root for the Sox/Celtics/Pats and these days the Habs, (unless they’re playing the Bruins). I’m a bit obsessed with fantasy sports as well. You can find more about me on Twitter and Linkedin.

(Updated October, 2015)